Watan HD Tv Channel Free On DD Free Dish || Added New Tv Channel On Free Dish TV


Today was a very good day for DD Free Dish users. Today, 4 new TV channels have been added through DD Free Dish Dish TV platform.
Neo Sports HD
Watan 2 HD
You will get to see Hindi movies on HBO TV channel.

The test slot is going blank now, there will be a new TV channel add very soon, which can be in Hindi or Urdu.
The cricket match IPL telecasted live from Star Sport is shown live on Watan 2 HD TV channel, so if it has been added to DD Free Dish through Dish TV’s platform then DD Free Dish is very happy for users. 
And another sport TV channel has been added, which is called Neo Sports. This TV channel is currently coming up with a blank screen colorbar. Guest will also start programs here.

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